Welcome to Reign In Life Ministries website! - Antonio and Cora Johnson
About the Ministry   
Reign In Life is a community faith-based organization formed out of a passion and zeal to see PEOPLE becoming who they really are in the mind of God.  The founders have been providing ministry and community service for over 25 years. As God dealt with them about the work that He called them to, it led to the establishing of Reign In Life Ministries in January 2003 with the official launching in February 2008.
The Vision of Reign In Life Ministries is for Individuals to exercise their "Kingly Authority" by receiving the Abundance of Grace and the Gift of Righteousness.
Romans 5:17b ... by receiving the Abundance of Grace and the Gift of Righteousness, we "Reign" in Life through the one Jesus Christ! 
The Mission of Reign In Life Ministries is to Evangelize, Equip and Empower PEOPLE!
Reign In Life Ministries believe that peoples' needs are high priority. Therefore, we are committed to serving God by helping to meet the need of YOU and YOUR FAMILY.
The founders along with committed volunteers are passionate about helping people to do better in this life. The focus of services is the southern geographical region of MS in particular Marion and surrounding counties. However, it is concluded that wherever God lead, we would follow!
Reign In Life Ministries is governed by a Board of Directors and officers.

Financial contributions are tax-deductible and welcomed from individuals, private and public donors, foundations, grants, churches and businesses.