Welcome to Reign In Life Ministries website! - Antonio and Cora Johnson
Services and Programs at Reign In Life Ministries are designed to
"Train YOU to Reign"!
Although some of the services are in the initial phase, Reign In Life Ministries is committed to providing Excellent Ministry one service at a time.
The Children & Youth Program is designed to launch children and youth ages 5-17 into a life of reigning. The Exposure Program reveals and meets needs that are a hindrance for children and youth while introducing them to diversified cultures.
Services offered:
  • The Arts: Music, Dance, Drama
  • The PIP: Prevention/Intervention Programs (Substance Abuse, Poverty, Teen Pregnancy, Crime, Health Issues, First Aid, Job Readiness)
  • The ROCC: Retreats, Outings, Camps, Crusades
  • The SAC: Summer Academy for Children     
  • The BSC: Baby Sitting Club
  • The ARC: Adolescent Remedy Center
  • The Mission: Home and Foreign
  • Mentorship Program: "Real Talk": From GirlZ to Women; From BoyZ to Men
Elevation is the Adult Program at Reign In Life Ministries. The program is designed to raise the standard of living and offer a M.A.P.  in life's journey for individuals ages 18 and over. ELEVATION will equip and empower individuals on how to position themselves for the next level of their life's journey.
The Elevation Program is designed to give a boost to men and women in becoming who they really are in Christ.
Services offered: "The M.A.P."
  • "Let's Talk": Woman-to-Woman; Man-to-Man
Advance Learning
  • Seminars (Relationships, Marriage, Heal My Soul)
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Job Readiness
  • Step by Step (Addictions)
  • Family Matters
  • Health and Healing
  • GED Readiness
  • Retreats / Get Aways
  • Event Outings
Extreme is the Mission Program at Reign In Life Ministries. It is designed to restore families and rebuild communities. 
Services offered:
  • Visitations: Jail/Prison, Hospital, Nursing home: Join us every 2nd Saturday at the Myrtle Health Care Facility, Columbia, MS at - 10:30 a.m.
  • Rebuilding Communities: Home and Foreign
  • Community Partnership
  • Revivals and Crusades
  • Conferences
  • Seminars and Trainings
For more information about the programs and services or for Reign In Life to provide a service for you -  contact us:
Phone: 601.736.1725 or 601.731.4764 or 601.731.4763
Mailing Address: 202 Evergreen St., Columbia, MS 39429 
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